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Home-Based Businesses and Networking Marketing

I am beginning this article with a little background history – we need to know where we’ve been in order to know where we’re going!

When I graduated from high school, I immediately took an office job. I had taken typing and shorthand for three years. This was in the late sixties and even though times were changing as far as women working outside the home, the pay was still lousy. Then life took over and all of sudden, I found myself staying in the administrative field for far too many years. For the past twenty years, I have tried very hard to start my own business. As you know, it takes money to start any business and I could not afford to quit my job and commit full time to growing the business. I have not and will not give up on that dream! I’m older and I hope a little wiser so I’m working “smarter” instead of “harder”.

We all know that there are three ways to make money: 1) work for someone else; 2) have a professional career, i.e. doctor, dentist, lawyer; or 3) own your own business. Let’s break this down: 1) when we work (have a J.O.B.) for someone else we are giving them leverage-they are making money from OUR efforts; 2) you need college degrees, medical school, etc. to make the kind of dollars they do in their 9 to 5 positions; and 3) owning your own business is like having many, many bosses – your customers, and it is not easy! Even though three-fourths of the wealthy have accumulated that wealth by owning their own business, other people (employees) have given them their leverage.

WHERE IS THE LEVEL PLAYING FIELD? I believe it is in network marketing. Network marketing is a system that allows all who enter to have the same opportunity as anyone else–we can create our own leverage! It is dependent on how much one is willing to commit and work hard for as long as it takes. Network marketing is also ideal for a home-based business. Technological advances just in the last 15 years, have given entrepreneurs a great advantage. We are able to have all the equipment necessary to run an office right in our den, plus with the ever-growing power of the Internet, there is no limit what we can do from our own home.

I am now in networking marketing and moving forward every day to create my J.O.B. exit strategy. If I had known what I know now, there would be no doubt I would have begun a home-based business in Network Marketing when I was twenty!

Business Website Marketing Isn’t Difficult, But it Does Take Work

There are three schools of thought when it comes to business website marketing: SEO or search engine optimization, PPC or pay-per-click, and social marketing. All three of these techniques take some work and knowledge to get started, but once you choose your path the payoff for you business can be wonderful.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website on and off site to help you rank for certain keywords of your choosing. The use of keyword is actually a little misleading because it is more than likely you will start by trying to work on ranking for a string of words which will make up your keyword. The best way to get started with SEO is to pick a keyword that isn’t to competitive and sprinkle it throughout your website. If you only sell your product or service offline, then you will want to start with a keyword comprising of your product or service and the city or town where your business is located. For example, if you sell video games in Green Bay, then you should work on ranking number one in Google for “video games Green Bay”. If you work on this keyword correctly then you will soon be ranked number one. Be careful, this explanation of SEO is extremely simplified and there have been several books written on the subject, please take this as the beginning of your learning experience and not the end.

PPC is another way to go about business website marketing. Using PPC means that you will pay for every click or visitor that comes to your website through your ad; it doesn’t matter if the visitor buys anything. You will once again choose keywords, but this time you will be bidding on them so you will want to set the maximum price that you would like to pay for a particular keyword. If you do not sell anything online, then this may not be the right method for you, but it is a good opportunity to allow people to sign up for any email list that you may maintain for sending out specials and tips to customers. Running a PPC ad should not be taken lightly, you need to choose your keywords right, have your website set up correctly, and bid correctly, or you could end up spending $1000 in a day and not have anything to show for it.

The last method of marketing your business website is social marketing. Social marketing can also be known as viral marketing because it is the process of submitting your site to services like Digg, Stumbleupon, and Twitter with hopes of getting traffic to your website. If users like your site or what you have to say, they will vote for it so their friends and others get to see it as well. If they don’t like your site, then you don’t get a vote or you may get a thumbs down. The danger with social marketing is you can get marked as a spammer or have your site banned if you do not participate in the community. Participating takes time which you probably don’t have.

What I covered here about business website marketing is just the tip of the iceberg and it should not be the end all to be all of your online marketing journey. Anyway you cut it, getting the word out about your site is going to take work and patience, but the benefits to your business will pay off in the long-run.