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Helicopter Simulator Hardware and Controls

Helicopter simulator hardware and controls!

Some years ago Microsoft released their FS98 which included a Bell 206BIII Jet Ranger. The first helicopter in flight simulation for the mass marked. A new direction within Helicopter Simulators started. Heli sims before FS98 consisted more of games than real simulators. Off course the professional simulators has always been there. But they costed a fortune and was thereby not for everyone. But the change came when Microsoft made it a part of their widely spread flight simulator software.

There was also changed within the hardware and flight control industry for simulators. You can say a new area was born. The industry started making joysticks and throttles, multi-display hardware and software available for everyone. Not to forget flight simulation forums. Bringing people of like minded interests together. Sharing ideas, drawings, photos – helping each other building their own helicopter cockpits.

You can find many web pages for general flight simulation on the web today. And lots of forums. But for the helicopter part of the simulation industry, there is only a few dedicated websites. One of them is Hovercontrol. A great place to start if you are interested in helicopter flight simulators, when it comes to software. It also has a god forum about different helicopter simulator question and interests. For the hardware part, you can go to a page called Or search with Google. It takes time to find the right hardware for your flight sim setup. But be sure to make your choice wisely, as it will effect the feeling and joy of your sim hobby. Use the web to find information on helicopter sim hardware and flight controls.

The world of heli sims both software and gear, has changed dramatically the last 10 years. There are now more possibilities than ever! Home made heli-cockpits are more available than ever. Its only up to you. How much time and money are you willing to put in to it.

To check out helicopter flight simulator hardware, Google it. Also Google for pictures of cockpits.

All About Small Business Internet Marketing

So you are running a small business. If you want it to reign in its field and allow it to dominate its target market, simply follow simple small business internet marketing strategies and ideas. You should understand that a business is a system that needs excellent marketing ideas to succeed. It is not something to be neglected. Many entrepreneurs and business owners fall prey to seemingly effective marketing techniques that never delivered results. Therefore, it is a must that you implement proven small business internet marketing techniques that will surely yield results. By employing these marketing methods, expect your business to soar high in World Wide Web.

Most internet marketers would lure their customers and make them believe that marketing on the internet is expensive and complicated. This is actually false since online marketing doesn’t really need to be costly and complicated. The basic goal of online marketing for a business is to attract qualified leads, encourage them to buy, and keep them as repeat customers. This principle is fundamental and also applies to offline marketing. The advantage however of small business internet marketing is that, some of the marketing methods are free and one can even invest minimal finance while getting good results.

Another advantage of online marketing is that, you can double your profits if you just know how to market your business effectively. Once this is achieved, expect to get greater returns and see how huge the impact on the profitability and growth prospects of your business. There are various online marketing strategies that you can apply and here are some of the most effective:

·         PPC Advertising – This is one of the fastest ways to fuel up your business and see great returns on your online spend. The key in succeeding on this online marketing strategy is to choose powerful and appropriate keywords. By doing do, you can attract massive consumers that are interested in what you are offering. This idea of this online marketing technique is to maximize your online visibility and increasing your accessibility in the internet.
·         Online Networking – This is the best online marketing strategy to build your network or contacts. You can join networking websites or you can participate in blogs and forums to gain massive interested users. Keep in mind however that when using this small business internet marketing strategy, don’t make it obvious that you intention is to promote your business.
·         SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Almost everyone in the internet marketing world knows the power of SEO. This is a powerful small business internet marketing strategy that you should invest on. With good SEO, you can see a difference in your small business website. This small business internet marketing technique can rank your business on top of search engines, bring your site more traffic, and give you financial freedom.

More than these basic small business internet marketing strategies, there are also plenty of free options out there that you can try. Yes, there are various free ways to build traffic with no financial investment in advertising at all. However, this can take time and knowledge.

Hardware and Software – A Basic Introduction

The use of Internet services are one of the most dominant reasons for having personal computers and laptops. In order to operate and especially to maintain and troubleshoot your computer, it’s important to understand basic functions and terminology for computers. All of the fundamental components of computing are either hardware or software.

*Hardware *
Hardware is all the physical components of a computer-the monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and tower (or, on a laptop, the base, keyboard, and display screen) are all hardware. Other pieces of hardware can be added, changed, or removed after buying the basic components. Although hardware is the things you can see, you do have hardware parts that you can’t see, because they are connected or installed inside the computer tower. This is called internal hardware. External hardware is usually plugged into the back of the tower and is internal hardware. Here are more examples of hardware:

*CDs and DVDs-the physical plastic disc is hardware that stores software programs to run on your computer.
* CD drives and burners-for playing or recording information on CD’s.
* Modems-dial-up, cable, and DSL all require a modem (dial-up modems are often internal, but can be sold as external devices
* Wireless router-this device can be attached to a broadband modem to convert digital signal to wireless, so that you can connect to the Internet without having a cord plugged into the computer.
* Wireless card/network adapter- Usually internal, this component makes connecting wirelessly to broadband services possible, can also be bought and attached externally.
* Ipods, smartphones, Iphones, cellphones, blackberries-these devices would also be considered hardware, especially since they are often connected to the computer and can be used to connect to the Internet.

Software is everything you can’t physically touch. It’s the programs and applications that make up everything that displays on the screen, enables the hardware to run and communicate with each other, and performs tasks. Without software, your computer would just be a complicated pile of metal and plastic.

There are basically two types of software: system software and application software. System software is what makes your computer function and controls background processes-most of which you do not need to control or might not even know about. Application software, or applications, is everything you use to complete your tasks. Here are some examples:
* Microsoft Office Suite-Word, Excel, and Outlook are all applications, and so are similar programs like WordPerfect or OpenOffice.
* Web browsers-Internet Explorer, Firefox, and MSN Explorer are just a few examples.
* Games, Calculators, Calendars, Wizards-well, everything on the All Programs list!
* Antivirus programs, Spyware scanners, Registry cleaners, etc.
*Music players like Windows Media Player and RealPlayer

Software is available in all sizes and styles to perform almost any imaginable tasks or form of entertainment. You can usually download them from the Internet, purchase it on CD’s in stores, and often come stored on a CD accompanied with hardware purchases.

Knowing the difference between software and hardware and how they work is the first step to keeping your computer in good shape (e.g., knowing how and when to upgrade it) and to troubleshoot basic problems (determining the cause of the problem-is it hardware or software related?).